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One of the most challenging tasks for parents is finding a nanny who's right for their family. There are as many types of nannies as there are types of families, and not every well-trained, experienced nanny will work well for every family. Finding the right caregiver who will respond to your child's needs appropriately, while recognizing individual differences and developmental stages, requires time, patience and skill. The search starts with finding a nanny who understands the needs of the child and the family. It ends when we find a nanny who provides a positive, respectful, educational and adventurous environment and who knows how to communicate and collaborate with you to give your child the best start in life.

Sararose Benham, a mother and former nanny with many years of childcare and early childhood development experience, is the founder of Sidekicks Staffing (see About section for bio). Having lived both sides of the nanny experience she is well suited to match the needs of a particular family with the skills of a particular nanny.

After an extensive in-person interview with you and your family we start the search for your nanny by looking at our roster of registered nannies for a match, while also beginning the search for new nanny candidates who meet your family's needs. The recruitment for all nannies includes : face-to-face intensive interview by us, checking at least 3 references, and establishing: legal working status, background check, CPR certifications and Tb test. Once we have found potential matches we will then help you develop interview questions. After you have interviewed and chosen a nanny we will help you develop a contract that will detail the nanny's position and your expectations. In addition, we will aid you in negotiating salary and benefits. Finally, we will remain in contact and provide support to you and your nanny throughout her employment.

  Please inquire by sending a message to info@sidekicksstaffing.com  


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